Live your life as it is a story in a book

When you are reading a book, you often stumble upon descriptions of a background: the nature or some apartment, or streets. And I would say you usually just skim throug them to get the atmosphere but don’t pay attention too much. But… that is where authors are so different from normal people. They see those details around them. They would go outside, and see not June 10th, but a beautiful sunny day with high blue sky without a sign of clouds, unusually hot weather for a rainy season. They would tell you about beautifull hyndregeas blooming on every corner in all hues of blue, pink and purple. The sound of chirping birds, a construction sight noise not far away and the light breeze on your cheeks. And this is how you live your life as it is a story in a book. It is not about adventures, strange acquittances or drama, it is about seeing the world around you and appreciating it.

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